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PrintExploratory exhibits – over 150 in all

The new Mercury Space Capsule gives visitors an up-close look at the small pod that America’s first astronauts rode in when
they blasted off into space and splashed down to Earth.

The Virtual Sports Center allows players to participate in games and extreme sports through a computer-created environment.

 MIRExteriorhiresjpg  MIRInteriorPhoto

Russian Space Station MIR

The Exploratory is the only place on Earth where people can see the inside of the authentic Russian Space Station MIR core module that houses the key operations living quarters and docking areas for the space station.

HR_HairRaising HairRaisingWomanandGirllowres

 Van de Graaff Generator – Bridge of Fire

The hair-raising experience of the “Bridge of Fire” continues to be one of the most popular exhibits in the Exploratory.

The exhibit teaches visitors about the static electricity generator built by Dr. Robert J. Van de Graaff in the early 1940s.

2004TBESkyCycleAngelinalongviewjpeg 2004TBESkyCycleAngelinaHandsOutjpeg

High Wire SkyCycle

The High Wire SkyCycle takes riders on a journey 12 feet in the air. The special modified bicycle balances on the “world’s thinnest bike trail” as daring souls go for a spin.

2004TBEAirBallGirljpeg 2004TBEGyrojpeg

Floating Balls * Gyrotron * The Big Dig * Infinity Room

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