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No matter the weather, the time of year nor your taste in water and theme park attractions, Mt. Olympus beckons as a land of myth and adventure where the only thing you will never be, is bored.

Lose yourself in an ancient world as you brave four thrilling lands. Thirty-seven steep and slippery slides. Six hair-raising roller coasters. Eight curve-hugging go-kart tracks. A titanic array of attractions, wet and dry, in winter and summer. Mount Olympus is the ultimate Dells adventure park in a mythological kingdom of the Greek gods featuring 4 great parks: an Indoor Waterpark, an Outdoor Waterpark, an Outdoor Themepark, and an Indoor Theme Park. Featured on the Travel Channel as among the best amusement parks in America and rated among the top parks in the country by leading amusement industry journals. Award winning rides and tumultuous thrills featuring: the longest and tallest indoor waterslides in the nation, the world’s largest go-kart complex (indoor karts also), endless lazy rivers, and numerous child rides representing the pinnacle of ride development. Scream to the gods in multi-sensory attractions at Mt. Olympus, Wisconsin Dells’ only monstrous mega park.

With 156 acres of adventure, welcome to the heavenly Wisconsin Dells water and theme park

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 Outdoor Water & Theme Park Activities

Poseidon’s Rage

Poseidon’s Rage – One of the world’s largest surf pools. Poseidon’s Rage unleashes wave after towering wave – up to 9 feet tall! Every 90 seconds brings a new wall of water … and another chance for you to discover water-rushing, board-whirling exhilaration like nothing else in the Dells


The Lost City of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis – A whopping six stories tall with a water geyser blasting over 120 feet into the sky, this outdoor water fortress is designed to be fun for all ages. Along with a monster dump bucket, it’s packed with 7 different water slides including: the spinning champagne bowl slide, the exciting boomerang slide, a family raft slide and kid’s water slides.

Tube Slides: Single or double riders. 42” (107 cm) or taller.
Bowl Slide: Single riders only. 42” (107 cm) or taller.

Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park as presented by Meadowbrook Resort & Dells Packages in Wisconsin Dells
The River Troy

The River Troy – The World’s Fastest River – NEW in 2008! Take a mythological journey on The River Troy which forms the boundary between the two worlds of indoor/outdoor water and theme park excitement.


The Great Pool of Delphi

The Great Pool of Delphi – New in 2016! A $4 million water park expansion featuring 27,000 Sqft of Swimming Area and 60,000 total Sqft of Deck and Pool Area! It is by Far The Largest Swimming Pool In Wisconsin Dells! — 4 Islands; 2 Beach Entrances; Cabanas; 100 Foot Geyser; Kids Splash Pad; Outdoor Lounge Pool; Over A Half A Million Gallons Of Water; 50 Foot High Waterfall; Room To Play For Over 4,000 People

 Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park as presented by Meadowbrook Resort & Dells Packages in Wisconsin Dells
 Triton’s ChallengeTriton’s Challenge – On your mark, get set, GO! Challenge your family or friends to compete on this side-by-side, six-lane downhill racer for over 350 feet of pure racing excitement at its best. Who will be the first to reach the finish line?  triton
 Triton’s RageTriton’s Rage – Sure to be a family favorite – another multi-person raft ride. After you climb the 5-story tower, you’ll have to prepare yourself and friends for the 550-foot descends through a variety of twists, turns and drops. Guaranteed to put a little excitement in your day.

Riders:  42″ (122 cm) or taller with or without an adult supervision.


 Huck’s Lagoon

One of Wisconsin Dells’ largest interactive children’s water play areas. Featuring tunnels, 6 watersides, cannons and dozens of multi-level hands-on water activities… this area alone will keep little ones busy all day… It’s a family adventure – only at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park!

Designed for children 48″ (122 cm) and under with adult supervision.

  Kiddie AreasMt. Olympus’ exciting children’s water play grounds with kiddie sized watersides & activities. Kids really are special at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park. Children’s water play areas are designed just for the little ones!  kiddie

 Triton’s Fury

Triton’s Fury – Family togetherness is the theme for this raft ride. Up to four of your family members or friends will splash, laugh and scream down this 340-foot long raft ride after you hit the 90-degree turn. Be sure you hang on!Riders: 42″ (122 cm) or taller with or without an adult supervision.




Grab the rail for monstrous speeds and hang on for a fearsome 75′ drop. Cyclops roars 70′ above the ground and intermingles with the gargantuan structures of Zeus and Hades, screeching to a stop after a thunderous 1,680′ run. Prepare yourself for airtime.

Single Riders only: 48″ or taller (122 cm)
Height – 70′
First Drop – 75′ drop
Length – 1680′
Top Speed – 58 MPH



Not to be outdone by his brother, Hades, Zeus ascends one height after another, Twists and turns over 2,700′ of track, races through a vast forest, climbs a mind numbing 90′ then plunges 60 MPH down an 85′ drop! You’ll only want more of this electrifying coaster. ZEUS!!! You’ll never forget your adventure as the King of the Gods hurls his lightning bolts from the summit of Mt. Olympus.

Single Riders Only: 48″ or Taller (122 cm)
First Drop – 85′
Height – 90′
Length – 2,700′
Speed – 60 MPH


Hades 360

With speeds of 70mph, a drop height of 140ft, and a 360-degree loop, this is the world’s first upside-down wooden rollercoaster, with the world’s longest underground tunnel. It’s Hades on wheels right here in Wisconsin!

Single riders only: 48” or taller
Height: 160′
First Drop: 140′
Length: 4725′
Top Speed: 70 MPH

Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park as presented by Meadowbrook Resort & Dells Packages in Wisconsin Dells

Pegasus swoops and dives over 60 feet above the ground, over and around Medusa’s Drop. It races over 1,600′ of track, reaches heights of 60′ and thrills riders to a 45′ drop. Great fun for the entire family.

Single Riders Only: 40″ or Taller
Height – 60′
First Drop – 45′
Length – 1,600′
Top Speed – 40 MPH


 Go Kart Tracks

Poseidon Underwater Track

Brother to the mighty Zeus and Hades, Poseidon is not to be underestimated. God of the Sea, Poseidon rules all things water including this six story, multi-towered, underwater go-kart track. Accelerate through the twists and turns of the raceway and actually plunge under the water in pursuit of championship. This track will amaze you as it takes you around and through Poseidon’s watery domain. Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor, Poseidon is a force to be reckoned with.

Single or Double Riders 55″ or taller w/o adult (140cm)


 Trojan Horse

This Wisconsin Dells landmark has an exciting history and an even more tantalizing ride. For ten long years the Greeks laid siege to the ancient city of Troy but were unable to conquer it. You can fly over this multi-level, three story track and right through the belly of the horse, where brave men once lay in wait to attack the Trojans. This track rages down 35 feet around tight, white-knuckle turns and back to the top. Relive history while wildly rising and falling to the beat of distant war drums.

Single or Double Riders: 55″ or taller w/o adult (140cm)


 Hermes’ Turbo Track

Hermes, messenger to Zeus and god of travelers and athletes alike, has a special challenge for those who dare. Hermes’ Turbo Track is for the speed demon in you. This is the fastest track at the park and is for those craving a challenge. Take a ride on the wild turbo track and defeat the wing-footed Hermes’ amazing speed!!

Single Riders Only: 58″ or taller (147cm)

 Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park as presented by Meadowbrook Resort & Dells Packages in Wisconsin Dells

 Helios Track

Helios, God of the Sun and keeper of night and day, beckons those who dare to a chariot race for the ages. This multi-level track speeds racers up and around and back down again. Blaze past your friends and regain the lead in this race of fire and sky. Helios is sure to delight all that have the heart to challenge him in his fiery domain.

Single or Double Riders: 55″ or taller w/o adult (122cm)


 Titans’ Tower

Titans’ Tower is steeped in a great and legendary history. The Titans led by Zeus’ father, Cronus, were the original rulers of the Earth. Their legacy lives on in this, the longest track in the park. Your quest for greatness zooms you past your friends and foes alike. Titans’ Tower sends you around the Greek Warship, Olympias, and through the mystical Lake Alcyon the bottomless lake leading to the underworld. Beware!! A wrong turn on the bottomless lake can lead to an unexpected trip to Hades Realm!

Single or Double Riders 55″ or taller w/o adult (140cm)